The Best Laboratory Managment System

A Laboratory Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive software platform that streamlines and automates various laboratory operations, from sample tracking and data management to inventory control and regulatory compliance, enabling increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved productivity.


LIMS simple yet powerful

The LMS provides a centralized database for storing and  organizing all laboratory data, automates common workflows, supports quality assurance measures, and generates reports and analytics to help laboratory managers make informed decisions and optimize performance.

Laboratory Website

Website for the laboratory to display the branches and services provided by the laboratory, contact information, and the ability for clients to access their medical files

Home Visits

Manage home visit requests and reservations with clients, change the status of the visit, and appoint a sample collector to conduct the visit, while sending notifications of changing the status of the home visit request on an ongoing basis.

Lab Managment System

A control panel that allows employees to manage their tasks, including entering patient data, entering results, printing reports, and obtaining accounting reports.


An interface that connects all medical laboratory devices to the system to facilitate sending results from medical laboratory devices, with the possibility of reviewing the results before sending them to the system .

Account management

Integrated management of business accounts in all aspects, with the ability to add different price lists that can be assigned to different branches, contracts.

Stock Managment

Inventory management in all its details, including controlling quantities, entering purchase invoices and supplier accounts, and notifying management in the event of a shortage of inventory.

Laboratories Portal

Additional portals for the external laboratory, the doctor sending the patient, and the contracting person to facilitate financial transactions and printing of results

Mobile App

A special application for the laboratory on the Google Play and App Store platforms, where customers can view their patient files and the laboratory’s special offers, with the ability to send free instant notifications to customers.

Why STOP4LABS Online System

Easy to use

Ease of use as it does not require a lot of time for training by our team

Access from anywhere

The administration can access the system from anywhere in the world and from any device


Connecting branches

It helps management monitor all branches through one screen

24/7 Support

Continuous technical support 24 hours to achieve an excellent system experience

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